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A typical performance
With over 300 songs in her repertoire every performance is tailored to each client’s requirements, be that the cruise ship market, theatre or private shows, but as always whatever the client requires will be produced with an unmatched attention to detail in the pursuit of absolute perfection. All performances are always fresh, exciting and memorable. Additionally Maria Lyn is an accomplished songwriter in her own right so many pieces in her performances will be her own arrangements.
Cruise Ships
Maria Lyn has made a huge investment to create a varied series of cruise ship sets. First and foremost Maria Lyn is a cabaret singer and pianist, and so her cruise ships sets typically consist of;
• A ‘big opener’.
• The middle section to include humour, audience participation, classical (in other languages) and if required or relevant good old fashioned sing-a-longs.
• Maria Lyn also sings in French, Italian, Welsh as well as English and highlights often include ‘A Cappella’ pieces.
• An accomplished pianist Maria Lyn will always include a piece on piano accompanied by the band where this is possible.  Usually this will be her own arrangement. This becomes a highlight of the show.
• A ‘big finisher’.
Maria Lyn has ‘the dots’ done for a 10-piece band, all backing tracks are on USB memory 'sticks', on mini-discs and everything is backed up on an i-pad.
Maria Lyns’ shows often mimic the cruise ships shows, but as always whatever the promoter requires will be produced with the same attention to detail and the same pursuit of perfection as is the trademark of Maria Lyn. Maria Lyns’ performance will always perfectly suit the theme or style of the production (Maria does after all have over 30 years experience of performing on the stage, and in amateur dramatics usually taking the lead role).
Private work
Maria Lyn always pays special attention to each private client’s requirements, so each performance will be perfectly tailored to suit the occasion or the theme (Maria Lyn is often contracted to perform at themed nights to an invited audience). As a final but very special note, Maria Lyn often performs one or two very special songs at wedding ceremonies (in the wedding service itself) to bring a unique experience to that special day of all special days. It is even possible to commission a personalised song for the bride, groom or to the happy couple whereby Maria Lyn will personally write the lyrics and the music to be song at the ceremony.

Sole Worlwide Representation


+44 (0)20 7794 1581

Web: www.garyparkes.com

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"Enchanting voice"    "Singing sensation"

Cruise Directors quotes

"Excellent audience interaction"    "Phenomenal empathy with the audience"    "Wonderful ability to reach out and touch the audience"  

The Telegraph

"Such a voice, such a style, such a presence"

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