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Make your wedding unique… not just special… but unique!
Songs during the wedding ceremony
Are you like every other couple? Do you have what you consider to be ‘your songs’? So have them actually sung during the wedding ceremony! For example just imagine having “The first time ever I saw your face” being sung to the bride as she walks down the aisle towards the groom! How simply magical and romantic! Or maybe “the song of love” being sung to you as you sign the register?
‘Your Story’
Is yours a ‘love story’ like no other? An accomplished songwriter and composer Maria Lyn can make your wedding unique, not just special by creating ‘your story’ in the words of a song! Commissioning ‘your story’ to be created, lyrics and music will take up to 6 or 8 weeks but it will be absolutely unique, your story told in the words of a song! You could even then have ‘your story’ recorded in a professional recording studio on to CD for you to keep, forever!
Songs during the drinks reception
Maria Lyn can sing during the drinks reception … so much finer and personal than a CD player in the background!
Songs during the ‘wedding breakfast’
Experience dictates that background music is what is really needed here rather than a performer.
Evening Cabaret
Maria Lyn has a wealth of experience in cabaret performances as well as ‘party’ music and indeed sophisticated operatic numbers. Maria Lyn is a well-known star of welsh radio, having 2 of her 4 albums awarded ‘BBC Radio Wales Album of the Week’ and as a classically trained international vocalist and pianist Maria Lyn has over 30 years of stage and theatre experience, regularly performing to audiences of up to 1,700! She is now wowing audiences around the world on cruise ships as the headline international solo vocalist and pianist performer to standing ovations!
Maria Lyn “The welsh lady of song with the Voice of an Angel” available to make your wedding unique! Call 0790 321 3271 for a no obligation chat, it might just make your wedding the talk of the town! 


Wedding client testimonial
"Maria, Maria, Mari, as the fairy dust slowly settles from the celebrations for Kathryn and Dan's wedding, we want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the huge part you played in making our evening event such a success.  We could not have asked for more - you threw yourself into the spirit of things and provided a tailor made entertainment that is the stuff of dreams. We have received so many cards of appreciation and you are named all the time; I know Kathryn and Dan listened to your CD last week and greatly enjoyed it, especially when Larry got honourable mention!  With very best wishes and huge thanks to you both for your input."  

Maggie and Jack McKee             21st May 2012

Sole Worlwide Representation


+44 (0)20 7794 1581

Web: www.garyparkes.com

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"Enchanting voice"    "Singing sensation"

Cruise Directors quotes

"Excellent audience interaction"    "Phenomenal empathy with the audience"    "Wonderful ability to reach out and touch the audience"  

The Telegraph

"Such a voice, such a style, such a presence"

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